Benefits of Masaladosa

Healthy food is required for a healthy living. Eating a healthy food provides your body with the vital nutrients that it needs to function on a daily basis. Dosa, a savoury staple food of South India, is considered as a healthy food item. Known as the pancake of India, the flavor of dosa is relished by people all over the country. It is a versatile dish. The tasty pancake can be eaten for breakfast, dinner, or even as a snack item. Here are 9 reasons why dosas are a healthy option.

1. Easy to digest: Dosa is a fermented pancake. It’s generally prepared from a combination of rice batter and black lentils, which makes it easy to assimilate and digest.

2. Good Source of Carbohydrates: Dosa is a rich and healthy source of carbohydrates. It provides your body with the energy needed to carry out various functions. For people on a weight-loss diet, dosa is the best option.

3. High in Proteins: Protein is an essential body nutrient required to make your muscles and bones stronger. Making dosa a part of your regular diet will help you, as it supplies moderate amounts of protein to your body.

4. Low in Calories: An ideal healthy food should be low in calories while satisfying your hunger. Dosa is one such food item which is extremely appetizing and relatively light, adding low calories in your body. It’s a healthy choice to overcome obesity.

5. Low in Fat: Dosa is a healthy food because it contains very less saturated fat, which is a good thing as high saturated fat increases the risk of heart diseases.


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